28 January 2021

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Boys fleece jog pants with McCul embroidery

fleece jog pants with mccul embroidery (electric blue)

fleece jog pants with mccul embroidery (electric blue)

This item is also available in the following colours, click on an image for more details.

electric blue
marl grey


80% Cotton/20% Poly



Available Sizes:

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Code Size Quantity
B752E12 1/2 Years
B752E23 2/3 Years
B752E34 3/4 Years
B752E45 4/5 Years
B752E56 5/6 Years
B752E67 6/7 Years
B752E78 7/8 Years
B752E89 8/9 Years
B752E90 9/10 Years
B752E1012 10/12 Years
B752E1214 12/14 Years